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Anthem of Roses is an stealth adventure independent video game. A child tries to rescue his sister from an armed dictatorship.  Will his innocence be capable of changing the world?

In the anthem of roses you’ll be able to explore the ambient and talk to people to solve puzzles, enemies will hear your moves and go find you, you are a child, so it’s all about being silent and witty. 


-Take care of your enemies, stealth is your first weapon. 

-Our character have different states: run, bend[Q], discreet[Left Shift].  

-The camera takes different angles doing a smooth transition.


Move: W,A,S,D or Arrows 

Bend: Q or Mouse Scroll Down (to bend) and Mouse Scroll Up(to stand up) 

Discrete: Left Shift or Right Click + Move 

Action Button: E or Left Click (Action Button is used to interact with objets) 

Jump: Space

GamePad supported (Joysticks are not required to play):

-If your controller is like a Xbox 360/One Controller:

Move: pad or left joystick 

Bend: Y Discrete: B + Move 

Action Button: X 

Jump: A

-If your controller is like a Playstation Controller:

Move: pad or left joystick

Bend: Triangle 

Discrete: Circle + Move 

Action Button: Square 

Jump: X


English / Spanish

Install instructions

Execute the installer. 

Open the folder "AnthemOfRosesAlphaDemo"

Doubleclick on "AnthemOfRosesAlphaDemo.exe"



Alpha Demo V1.0.1: Some bugs fixed, little changes on the IA.

Alpha Demo V1.2.0: New content (new scenes and characters), better graphics and performance, a lot of bugs fixed and more.

Alpha Demo V1.2.2: Better optimization, new graphics options, fix some problems with lenguage selection, adds a helpful icon on screen that shows you when a enemy detects you.


AnthemOfRosesAlphaDemo1.2.2.exe 97 MB

Development log


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Absolutely loved this game! Cant wait for the full release!

I really like this game, it has a few weird glitches and small things to work out still but it really looks promising! I'm following this project, can't wait to see more!

Super strong demo that sure has potential to become something great! Would be great with a tutorial in the beginning though, and layout for the controls when playing with a Xbox 360/Xbox One controller.

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you :D

Initially I thought the soldiers would arrest me but damn, they're really trigger happy. 


Thank you, we already share your video in our social networks :)

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Hey there, I enjoyed this demo it was very challenging and I look forward to seeing more, few issues I found here and there but nothing major, looking forward to the full game.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

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Thank you so much :)  Is great to see that you enjoyed the alpha demo and complete it, I saw some little problem you had with a soilder in the third scene, sorry for that, It will be fixed. We will share your video on our social media. Have a nice day :)

Thank you, look forward to seeing more on what this could end as.