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Is development of this still going on? It looks promising, but I was waiting for the final version to play it.

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Absolutely loved this game! Cant wait for the full release!


I really like this game, it has a few weird glitches and small things to work out still but it really looks promising! I'm following this project, can't wait to see more!


Super strong demo that sure has potential to become something great! Would be great with a tutorial in the beginning though, and layout for the controls when playing with a Xbox 360/Xbox One controller.

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you :D

Initially I thought the soldiers would arrest me but damn, they're really trigger happy. 


Thank you, we already share your video in our social networks :)

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Hey there, I enjoyed this demo it was very challenging and I look forward to seeing more, few issues I found here and there but nothing major, looking forward to the full game.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

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Thank you so much :)  Is great to see that you enjoyed the alpha demo and complete it, I saw some little problem you had with a soilder in the third scene, sorry for that, It will be fixed. We will share your video on our social media. Have a nice day :)

Thank you, look forward to seeing more on what this could end as.